Looking back and editing the footage on the making of this beach cover up makes me miss our perfect vacation so much. Words can’t describe how beautiful this little island is and the feeling of waking up for that absolutely gorgeous, almost un-earthy view.. Or rather very much Earthy.. It really made me wonder and … Continue Reading

Recently I am experimenting with embellishments and trying out new techniques to upcycle clothings I already have in my wardrobe. I have to admit it is something completely new to me. I have never really enjoyed alternating clothes, I liked to start from scratch and create something completely new. But somehow things changed.. or I … Continue Reading

Happy Wednesday Everyone! In my last video I showed you how I make a jumpsuit and now I thought I share with you a few tips how to make the most wear out of this one piece and style it in a few different ways. As the cut of this jumpsuit is very simple and … Continue Reading

January is such a weird month. On one hand everybody is excited and hopeful about the new year. Most of us made their new year resolutions, set our goals and we are ready for new year, new life, new beginning. On the other hand after a long Christmas break, reality kicks in again – same … Continue Reading