Olivia Palermo Edition – Office Look – The Peplum Skirt

Olivia Palermo

I love Olivia Palermo’s effortless elegant style. She is one of my biggest inspirations and a style icon. She was rocking this outfit at the 2015 Carolina Herrera show. It’s a simple grey sweatshirt material in luxe design. I thought I’d give it a go recreating as it’s a great office look. The peplum knee skirt and batwing sweater is the perfect outfit together but can be easily combined on their own with other pieces for variety.

IMG_9327 copy

Who said t-shirt fabric can’t be fab? 😀


I started browsing through my Burda magazines for peplum skirt patterns. I have a number of magazines in my collection. Unfortunately some invaluable pieces I have left in Hungary when I moved to the UK :(. However, I still managed to find a similar pattern in the September 2014 issue. It just needed some adjustments to get a similar length and size of the flare at the bottom of Olivia’s skirt.


What you need for the peplum skirt:

  • pattern 104 in Burda 11/2014
  • 1.40 m wide 1 m length grey sweatshirt fabric
  • elastic band (optional)


This is actually a very easy pattern. It contains the pieces for a simple pencil skirt where you can play with the length and you can measure the peplum pieces based on the pattern instruction in the magazine. Here, you can also lengthen or shorten it depending on the style you would like to achieve. Olivia has a knee length skirt with a slightly shorter peplum than in the magazine. Thus I made the pencil skirt parts longer and the flare shorter.


Now you have your pencil skirt pieces measured and cut, simply sew them together by their sides. As this is a stretchy material, I decided not to include a zip. If you have a lighter stretchy material though, you may want to consider putting elastics in the waist part of the skirt to keep it in place.


Now, all it needs is the peplum sewn to the bottom of the skirt.


And you have the simple grey peplum skirt. In the part II, I’ll create the matching batwing sweater to complete the look.

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