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Stripe Dress4_Lake Holiday_Hungary_cover

From Budapest I packed and headed to Lake Balaton for my friend’s hen party. A gorgeous location for this occasion. I chose stripes to attend the lake getaway in style. 🙂 Blue, white and stripes almost like the mandatory recipe for the lakeside. Well, at least for me who is in love with all the three. I created a simple dress that is very quick to make, comfy to wear for sightseeing and yet, looks pretty.

Striped Dress_Lake Holiday_Hungary

Striped Material

I got this stretchy striped fabric in London, Goldhawk Road. The good thing about summer dresses they do not require too much material. I bought 1 metre for this dress.

Burda Template

I used a pattern from the August issue of 2014. I love the interesting cut of the original pattern, however, I wanted a quick, simple dress and all the little pieces of the front could have been a bit problematic with my striped fabric. Thus instead of cutting the material into little pattern pieces, I simply went for the completed front part only, as you can see below.

Dress Parts

So I only ended up with three pattern pieces and that made my work really quick in this case. 🙂

What you need for this summer dress:

Striped Dress Front

Starting with the front piece,  I took in the darts by the bust.

Striped Dress_Back

The same way I sewed in the darts by the back and stitched the two pieces by the back seam line.

Striped Dress_Back2

Striped Dress_Neckline

If the type of the material allows, I like to use this hemming paper. I can just simply apply it by ironing and that glues the hem inside. It is possibly not the most professional way of doing it but I like that it is very easy to use and also quick to work with.

Striped Dress_Shoulder Line

I applied it to hem the neckline, then I stitched the shoulder line for the back and front together.

Striped Dress_Sleeve

I used the paper again to hem the sleeves and, only after I sewed it to the dress.

Striped Dress_Side Line

Lastly, I stitched through the sides of the dress, combining the front and the back together.

Striped Dress_Ready

This dress was a really quick one to make. It did not take more then 1-1,5 hours. Another reason to love summer. Here is to easy summer dresses! 🙂

The only difficulty is working with the stripes – to pay attention if they fit perfectly when stitching the different pieces together. On the other hand, I also found that the stripes are actually helping in measuring, and making me work more precisely. 🙂

Stripe Dress2_Lake Holiday_Hungary

So here is the finished look. 🙂 Personally, I love stripes and the sort of “sailor style”. What is your favourite style for lake holidays? I would love to hear it for new inspirations.

Stripe Dress3_Lake Holiday_Hungary

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