Flower Power for Blinds and Dresses

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Who said curtains can’t look good on you?

Hilllarys announced this year’s craft competition where the participants could choose amongst four blind fabrics and make their own piece of art, out of the selected one metre material. The idea reminded me to Scarlett’s famous curtain dress in Gone with the Wind. Scarlett is in need of money to save Tara hence she tries to seduce Rhett Butler. She needs a fabulous dress for a successful seduction to make him believe she is well-off. She cannot afford a new one but comes up with the idea to make a dress out of their curtain. Smart, as always. 🙂 It kind of put me in the mood to re-watch Gone with the Wind, one of my all time favourites.

Right-before-tearing-down-the-dress_Hillarys Competition

So here is the idea: If it can make a window and a room, it can make the look too. 🙂

I really love this scene, she is so funny in the art of seduction! Classic! And even though Rhett saw through her intentions, it was not the dress that gave her away. She looked so pretty in this green curtain dress.

Dressed in curtains_Gone with the Wine_Hillarys Competition

I got excited to get into crafting and make an outfit out of a blind fabric too.

For my fabric choice, I was influenced by the latest flower pattern runway trend in this spring/summer. I especially liked Michael Kors’ oversized flower prints as they add a difference to the usual flower spring look.

Flower Print Spring Summer 2015 Trend

Following this trend, Rayna Apple fabric seemed like a good choice. I like the green, purple shades and the big tulip motifs. The pattern is structured and symmetric which I thought could give an unusual, interesting touch to a dress.

rayna-apple-roman-blinds_image-text copy

Green shades and flowers certainly give your home a springlike outdoors atmosphere,  however how could this work on a dress?

I drew the ideas and decided for a dress of which cut would follow the shape of tulip print. Also, the details of the wrapped style would break the symmetry of the pattern and I was interested to see how that works out.

Fashion Sketches

I combined the flower pattern with a white cotton fabric to achieve a clean, elegant look.

Hillarys Blinds Fabric

I used two Burda patterns to create this outfit. I have found a wrap skirt in an earlier Burda magazine from 2011 and a pattern for deep V neck top with the same wrap style. Note that I have not added the sleeves and the peplum, just kept the core top part of the original pattern.

What do you need to make this look?

Burda Pattern

I used the below pieces for the front part from the above mentioned two Burda patterns.

Dress Front_Hillarys Competation

Following the direction of arrows in the pattern, I took in and pinned down the darts at the edges of the fabric. Once I made sure the shape is correct, I stitched the darts to secure them.

Dress Front Flares_Hillarys Competition

Got some help from Deni baby to keep everything in its place! <3

Deni_Westie_Hillarys Competition

Fold the edges and sew to secure and hem the neckline.

Neckline Hem_Hillarys Competition

Repeat the same for the front opening lines of the skirt.

Skirt Hem_Hillarys Competition

Next, combine the pieces to achieve the wrapped style and stitch them together.

Dress Front Parts_Hillarys Competation

This completes the front part of the dress.

Dress Front Complete_Hillarys Competition

Below are the pattern pieces I have used for the back part of this dress.

Dress Back_Hillarys Competation

Take in and stitch the darts for the top and the skirt part too. Hem the neckline of the back.

Back Flare_Hillarys Competition

Back Hem2_Hillarys Competition

Next, simply sew the pieces together. Hah, so much quicker than the front part! 🙂

Dress Back Complete_Hillarys Competition

Stitch the shoulder seams together.

Dress Shoulder Line_Hillarys Competition

Hem the bottom of the back side of the dress and add in the zip in the left side. Once the zip is in, just sew the side seams together.

Dress Zip_Hillarys Competition

All you have left is to bind seam allowance at each armhole and topstitch.

And.. our curtain dress is complete! It is not a particularly difficult dress to make, however, it takes some time to make sure every detail is there where it should be. I have really enjoyed planning and making this dress and very very happy with the result. I will definitely wear it in some summer days. 🙂

Complete Dress_Hillarys Competition copy

Flower Dress_Hillarys Competition

Flower Dress2_Hillarys Competition

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    I cross the fingers! I am sure you will win this competition!! :*

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    amazing!!! 🙂

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    God help me, I put aside a whole afnretoon to figure this out.

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