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Military Style_Dress_Cover

Here I am entering another competition.. 🙂 Seems I got a boost from the previous one with Hillary’s after getting shortlisted. Yaay! Now this time, Burda has announced their member challenge where they defined a set of patterns and members can enter their projects for each pattern category. Since I already had the eye for the one shoulder dress, this event served as one more reason to make that quickly. And when I say quickly, I really mean it, this dress is so quick to sew – took me maximum an hour.

Military Style_Dress_One Shoulder Dress

As for the fabric, I went with a military fashion style. I am so much in love with this colour, that this summer I find myself buying many clothes in this olive green shade. It started with shorts, then a shirt, a coat… and then before I realised I was buying the military green fabric for this competition. 😀

Army style and its colours have become more and more popular from a fashion perspective. In wartime 20th century, a high number of women joined the workforce. During World War II, half a million women served in the British armed forces. And whilst the military was reshaping the maps, it also left its trace in fashion trends by leaving behind a number of clothing items and signature colours.

Burda_One Shoulder Dress

As a frequently returning trend, we could see it in this summer and spring collections too.

Military Fashion_Spring Summer 2015 copy

Olive Oil Fabric copy

What do you need for this dress?

One Shoulder Dress_Pattern

As you can see above, it really only contains three easy pieces.

As a very first step, I took in the darts from the front. Then I folded in, colour-facing, the upper front and back edges and then ironed them down.

Front Darts_Military Style

Military Style_Front

Next, I stitched the shoulder line of the back and front pieces together.

Military Style_Shoulder stitch

Then, I sewed in the sleeve in the arm hole.

Military Style_Side Stitch

I sewed through the side of the sleeve and sides of the dress. After this, all I had left to do was to hem the bottom of the skirt and sleeve.

Easy! 🙂

Military Style_One Shoulder Dress_Ready

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    Once again a gorgeous dress

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