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“You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson

I know, it is end of January and we already have enough of winter and would much rather prepare for colourful spring and summer trends to comfort our soul and mind that are screaming for some sunshine. As if we just want to forget about the cold months, wherever you look in magazines and shops, spring clothes are already on the shelves. And I get that.. however, I loved the fall/winter trends this season and I went crazy with checked scarves from Zara – love them! #SoCosy! And whilst we can look forward to the sunny weather, we do have some months to enjoy the winter trends of this season.

Tartan seems to be continuously returning trend in fall/winter collections – hence it is a very safe piece of clothing to buy or make. Besides, it is so chic and simple!

Finally, after long long planning, my best friend was visiting me in my UK home. It was her first time in London and even though we had very little time in the big city, we tried to enjoy and see as much as we could. I planned to wear my recently made plaid shorts for the sightseeing tour. For some reason whenever I think of London fashion – tartan comes to my mind, amongst with trendy umbrellas and trench coats. Not sure why but probably because of the Scottish impact and Burberry checks, hahaha! 🙂

So here is a post on the tartan outfit and how you can easily create these shorts yourself.

SzilviaBodi_Tartan Shorts_LondonStyle

SzilviaBodi_Tartan Shorts_LondonStyle2
Scarf – Zara; Coat – River Island; sweater – H&M; shorts – #memade; shoes – Asos
Tartan_Plaid_Fall Winter 2015_2016
Tartan trend on the runway FW 2015/16

So I have got this black and white tartan pattern for a while and my original thought was to make a dress out of it. I am usually drawn to make dresses but then I found that I don’t have too many items in my wardrobe that are comfy yet stylish for just running some errands. So I decided to create shorts out of it instead. I love the pattern in Burda 12/2011 issue. I have actually made this couple of years back out of a simple black fabric and I wore it very often. It was very very easy and quick to make hence I wanted to create the same shorts again. This time, out of plaids.

What do you need to make these shorts?

SzilviaBodi_Tartan Shorts_Burda_ Pattern Pieces

As you can see it only has 4 pieces, well mainly two, the rest is for creating the hem only. First, I took in the front and back pieces as suggested in the pattern.

SzilviaBodi_Tartan Shorts_Burda_Take In

Next, I sew the centre seam line for the back and the front pieces as well.

SzilviaBodi_Tartan Shorts_Burda_Short Front and Back Centre Line

I closed the left seam line by adding in the zip.

SzilviaBodi_Tartan Shorts_Burda_Zip on the Side

I hemmed the waistline using the cut out pieces from the pattern.

SzilviaBodi_Tartan Shorts_Burda_Top Hem

I closed the right side’s seam line as well by sewing the front and back pieces together on the right.

SzilviaBodi_Tartan Shorts_Burda_Hem and Side Seam

Lastly, sew through the inside seam line of the legs and hemmed the bottom of the shorts.

SzilviaBodi_Tartan Shorts_Burda_Final Seam

And there you have it! Your very own London tartan shorts.. I would like to know if you gave this a try and which is your favourite trend of this fall/winter season.  🙂 Comment down below!

SzilviaBodi_Tartan Shorts_LondonStyle3


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    Super cute!
    Love that Tartan fabric…

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    Charlie [from blog Moments by

    I agree super cute!

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