Lazy Jacquard Sunday


Life has been so overrun by work and different obligations lately that I truly learnt to enjoy the rare moments when I do not need to rush anywhere or to compete with time to finish up everything I had planned for that day. To be perfectly honest, it may very well be myself causing this ‘unnecessary stress’ – as a dear friend of mine likes to call it 🙂 – I have so many plans on how to spend my free time that it ends up like a rushing game and even though they are meant to be fun, not completing them all is freaking me out. How weird.. I know.. 😀

Now Sunday mornings with a coffee and my favourite series on are priceless. It makes me realise that the little things can mean so much. I am slowly introducing this concept into my weekends and it feels really good basically living in my pyjamas sometimes.

I have been wanting a long kimono for a while to take my lazy dressing to a whole new level. 🙂 So I made an attempt to create one and I have to admit I quite like the result.


SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Kimono_01 Drawing_Jackuard Gown

I chose a soft pale pink jacquard textile for this sewing project.

SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Robe Fabric_Burda

What do you need to make this kimono?

SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Robe Pattern_Burda

First I took the darts in for the front pieces then sew the shoulder seams together.

SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Robe Front_Burda

SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Shoulder Seam_Burda

I stitched together the back seam of the collar pattern piece and sewed it to the neckline.



Once that was done, I started to work on the lining of the open front by stitching them together through the edge of the front seams. Then, I turned the lining in and pressed it down by ironing.

SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Front Hem_Burda

SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Front Hem2_Burda

To make sure the thread doesn’t shred, I turned in the inner edge of the lining by 1, 5 cm and fixed it to the front by sewing along the edge.

SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Front Hem3_Burda

SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Front Hem4_Burda

Next I added on the sleeves.


Then, sewed the pocket pieces to the sides.


As a last step for the robe, I closed down the sides starting by the sleeves and finishing at the bottom of the side seams.

SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Pocket and Side seams_Burda copy

SzilviaBodi_WinterTime_Night Gown_Ready_Burda

Lastly, I created the belt for the kimono. There you have it – for lazy Sunday mornings. 🙂


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    Wow ! It looks so comfy and luxurious ! Love it

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    Carmen Ross I

    Great job! I need to sew me up one of those.

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