Picnic Time!

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When I moved to the UK exactly two years ago, May greeted me with lots of sunshine. In the following months, apart from some occasional rain and gloominess, summer was wonderful and it left me wondering why people keep complaining about British summer. Next year though I learnt my lesson. There was hardly any day when I could leave the house without packing a scarf and umbrella with me.. just in case.. which in the majority of the cases was a good decision. Now, this time, summer starts beautifully – which leaves me very hopeful that I will have another amazing hot summer spent in England.

One thing is for sure though and on the positive note – not being able to rely on a constant hot season makes you appreciate sunny moments and you are definitely out and about when you see the sun heating up the air. There is no time for procrastination. There is no “Not today, I rather do tomorrow’. You make use of and live for the sunny moment.

So, we went for a picnic to a nearby park on last Sunday to sunbathe and relax. We packed our blanket, sunglasses, some easy food and plenty of water and took in all the sunshine we could get. It was almost too hot form my little lovely under that thick white fur but he enjoyed his time being with us and being outside all afternoon.

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Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Westie

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Mexican Chilli Bean Wrap

I found this Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole recipe on Produce on Parade and have made it for several occasions since then for family and friends. It is so delicious and is always great success. It is super easy to make, it only requires a bit of preparation of the veggies. The recipe is vegan but I do use some sour cream with it and boyfriend also adds some chicken.

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Mexican Chilli Bean Wrap2

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Ducks

I have been wearing this rose top I made for summer. It obviously lacks my tan for now but hopefully it will change soon and can proudly wear pale pink. 🙂

As a basis I used a square neck top pattern from Burda and just modified the length of the flares on the sleeves.

What you need for this summer top:

  • 1 metre light feel, rose fabric
  • 02/2014 Burda magazine issue, Pattern #111

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Ruffle Top_Pattern Pieces

First, I took the darts in for the front top part.

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Ruffle Top_Front Darts

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Ruffle Top_Back

Next, I needed to sew the shoulder seam on the top of the sleeve.

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Ruffle Top_Sleeve

I carefully matched the sleeves to the front and back pieces and sewed them together.

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Ruffle Top_Sleeve 2

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Ruffle Top_Shoulder Seam

I ruffled the bottom sleeve parts by sewing through the top edge with long seams and gently gathered the fabric by pulling the threads. I adjusted the size of the ruffled bottom sleeve part to the top sleeve part and I sewed them together.

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Ruffle Top_Ruffle Sleeve

Lastly, I hemmed the neckline, the sleeves and the bottom of the top and sewed through the sleeve and side seams of the top.

Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Ruffle Top_Ready Szilvia Bodi_SummerTimePicnic_Rose Top_Picnic_Ruffle Top 2 copy


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