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When it comes to summer holidays you need to keep simplicity, lightness, and uncomplicated essentials in mind.

You would want to feel comfortable but look effortless and chic. When shopping I am usually drawn to unique and spectacular clothing items and I always need to remind myself to tone it down as most of the times they are not versatile and only single occasion pieces – just won’t last long in my wardrobe. Summer holiday packing is best to include the uncomplicated, simple items that are actually more adaptable to fit for any occasions. You can always combine them with statement pieces to make it more memorable.

For this beautiful sunny day in Malta, visiting the Golden Bay , I wore a simple black crop top that I bought from Topshop last year and combined it with a wrap skirt that I made based on a Burda pattern (I just made it a bit shorter than the original). The pattern is actually from a winter issue of the magazine but out of a lighter fabric the skirt is perfect wear for the beach. It is really easy to remove if you just want to run into the sea for a swim. My statement piece here is this white summer hat I bought in Borocay last year and I am still in love with it, it photographs so well and feels very chic.

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_1

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_GoldenBay2 copy

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_GoldenBay 3

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_3

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_GoldenBay

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_4

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_Fabric

What you need to make this wrap skirt.

Trace the pattern pieces from the magazine and cut them out from the fabric. I have shortened the original length of the skirt at the back.

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_Pieces

Take in the darts and sew together the back seam line.

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_Back Seam and Darts

Next, stitch the sides of the front skirt parts to the side of the back and hem the front outer edges of the skirt.

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_Side Seam

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_Side Seam2

I used an iron-on interfacing fabric to strengthen the waist line than folded in and stitched it down.

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_Waist line

Sew on the buttons on the sides of the skirt. One is an inside button, the other is outside. Make the buttonholes.

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_Button

And the non-statement summer wrap skirt is ready to wear for your beach vacation.  🙂

Szilvia Bodi_Malta_Holiday_Beach_WrapSkirt_BeachWear_Sewing_BurdaPattern_Final


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