Pencil Skirt DIY

One thing that is definitely nice when you start a new job is that you make an effort dressing up nicely. Full of excitement and you would want to make a good first impression. Whilst staying at home, dedicating time for your hobbies is really nice, relaxing and fun – from a clothing perspective it can be very casual, comfortable and well.. yes, one-sided. Not saying I didn’t enjoy that 😀

Anyways, I am back in the office and getting myself used to working life again. At the same time, my favourite series, Suits is on too and all the beautiful smart dresses and skirts made me feel I have nothing to wear – I am sure we are all familiar with that feeling. I felt I need retail therapy to calm my mind and refresh my closet.

However, simple items, like pencil skirts, always make me feel guilty spending on them as they are so so easy to make without hardly any big effort or time investment. I figured I have quite a lot of leftover fabric that is lying there untouched so I got on creating some pencil skirts for my wardrobe.

I also put together a quick tutorial on how you can make a pencil skirt in a quick and easy way. Check out the video if you want to know how to make this skirt.

Szilvia Bodi_Pencil Skirt_Suits_Office Look_Sewing_DIY_Tutorial_New1

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