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I can’t believe this holiday is already over. I have just spent an amazing week at home, in Hungary. It was quite packed but definitely worth it – meeting old friends, going out for a hen party, catching up with family, visiting wine festival in my home town and last but not least – attending my childhood friend’s wedding. It was like a journey down memory lane. I know the bride since the age of 6 and we have been close friends ever since. It is just really special to share this day with someone you grew up together with – we have so so many memories together and it is great to see how life is working out to its best possible way. They truly love each other and love is the best and most important thing you can wish to someone who is as close to you as a sister.



I was planning to make my own bridesmaid dress inspired by this Self Portrait dress that I saw all over Instagram. I ordered a lace fabric but honestly I wasn’t very happy with it and was also running out of time so I decided I purchase a dress instead. Hence this post is a bit different, it is not a DIY but I am so in love with this dress that I would love to share the outfit details anyways.

I actually purchased this dress from Ebay. After my dispair of not being able to make my own dress, I opened up ASOS to find something and there I found the exact same Self Portrait dress I wanted to recreate. After a bit of self-convincing how much I actually need this dress, I decided I am going to buy it regardless how expensive it is. I logged back in and by that time my size was already sold out. In my determination I started the chase after this dress online and I found an unbranded version on Ebay for fifth of the price! Quality is really great and I have no complaints about the dress. I absolutely love it! Although I won’t be able to wear it much longer for this summer anymore (weather really turned into fall here 🙁 ) but I am sure I will have it on numerous times next summer too. This heavy lace is so special and is a statement piece on its own but with a very feminine and romantic effect.









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    beautiful dress, really ! I love the color. Perfect for a wedding.

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      Szilvia Bodi

      Thanks Valerie! It comes in many different colours but definitely blue is my favourite!

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