Autumn Reds


As this autumn started, the weather was actually quite hot in the UK surprisingly. Now it is getting a bit cooler but really – I can’t complain – we had a really nice summer and a warm transition into the colder seasons. I love the beginning of autumn, it always fills me with excitement. I just get nostalgic; it reminds me of start of school/university, fresh start, new classes, seeing my classmates. It makes me want to go back in time and relive those moments. Now, it still thrills me with the excitement as it takes us on a colourful ride into the holiday season. My sport routine changes – I tend to get into running more when the weather gets colder so I am really excited about for those fresh evening runs. New trends, outfits and layers are transforming our closet; cinema season starts, cosy nights at home, cheeseboard, grapes, fall deco – I love it all!



Preparing for the new season, I recently did a big wardrobe clean up. I love this exercise as it reminds me of almost forgotten pieces, however it also made me realise how dark and colourless my fall/winter closet is. Hence I decided to colour and lighten up for this season.

This red dress is from H&M which I got during my stay in Hungary. I actually was looking for some simple tops but then I spotted this dress and fell in love. I adore these simple cut items from knitted, stretchy fabrics. They are so comfortable, very pretty on its own and can be easily paired and accessorised in different ways. I love the empowering red colour – radiates strength and femininity at the same time.



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