Month of Regeneration:: Favourites of January

January is such a weird month. On one hand everybody is excited and hopeful about the new year. Most of us made their new year resolutions, set our goals and we are ready for new year, new life, new beginning. On the other hand after a long Christmas break, reality kicks in again – same long commute, back to office, money is running low after Christmas – nothing really changed and it is easy to fall back into old routines. At least that is what it feels like to me and it went by so quickly, I can hardly  process it is February already. Time! Stop! I hardly started to work on any of my goals yet.. You can’t just run away from me like this?

So now I take a minute and think about what I did achieve. We are so busy thinking about what we don’t have… we didn’t do.. that we forget about appreciating the things that we do have and achieved.

So with this mindset, what was January all about for me? I started to incorporate workout back to my life again and found a solution how it can work together with a very long commute. I was very much focused on skincare and make up and I found some amazing products that truly make a difference. I feel more dedicated toward my youtube channel and blog and produced consistent content. Which makes me really happy by the way. I and my boyfriend started to make the very first baby steps toward finding a new place and soon moving to London. I am exploring options to put my mind at ease and relax more – so getting more familiar with meditation practice. Still at exploration phase, not yet practice but listening to some really interesting books that offer some insight on the psychology of happiness, joy, mindfulness. So if I strip out all the ‘negative’, all in all it was a productive month and I planted the seeds early enough this year, so I can just grow stronger from here. Isn’t it funny how all come down to attitude?

With that said, I wanted to introduce this monthly series in my blog, where I reflect on happy moments of each month and practice gratefulness. And along with this I also wanted to highlight a few favourite products that made my month so they may inspire you as well. They can come in any category books, events, beauty, meals, fashion.. anything can go.  I also found that I recently focused more on my youtube channel and I honestly miss taking photos, creating stories and would like to make it this space more personal. Hope you don’t mind. So here are a few products from the month of January which I believe served for my regeneration in body and spirit this month.


I keep re-listening this whole book, Gifts of Imperfections by Brene Brown. She is such a fascinating story-teller and researcher. She studies shame and what ‘gets in the way’. I had a few times in the last few months when I felt a bit blue and this book just helps to put things into perspective, helped me understand why we act the way we do, what gets in the way for our wholehearted living. And probably this book explains my intro earlier. I had lots of ‘Aha’ moments listening to this book and whilst it does not give you a checklist on how to be happy, I believe once we understand why we behave in certain situations the way we do, we have the power to change and retrain ourselves and just generally be more accepting and happy. I can’t tell you how much I love her. Hope she is giving a talk in London in the near future. I will be in the first row – I can tell you that! I link in one her Ted Talks which is really popular. If you watch this you will understand my fascination with her.   


I am sure you all know this..Who wouldn’t? But I can’t stop listening to it. It has loads of nominations for Oscar.. there is a a huge hype about the whole movie. And as much as I understand why there is – filming, editing, costumes, colours and music was phenomenal, however I did find the story line a bit slow in the first half of the movie. It sped up afterwards and I really enjoyed it but I guess I just had very high expectations after  hearing all the good reviews. Anyways, I love the music! REPLAY!


So one evening I came across an article on what is the secret of Miranda Kerr’s beauty. She is stunning and as you can imagine I enviously was checking her pictures, one after the other on Pinterest. So I was very much interested in what the article has to say. Of course it referred to Miranda Kerr’s beauty line and as usual the marketing trick worked on me. I was veery quick to click the button to purchase. However, luckily or unluckily for me, they did not ship to UK. I almost gave up when I thought I probably do not need to stick to the brand, I may just search for this special ingredient anyway on amazon. The secret the article was revealing is Rosehip Oil. Amazon quickly gave me loads of results of different oils so I ended up ordering an organic one from Eden’s Semilla. And… it really works wonder – I have never felt my skin to be so hydrated ever. And it didn’t make my skin oily at all which was my worry at first. Instead I apply two-three drops in the evening using it as a night creme and my skin drinks it up by the morning leaving it all hydrated and smooth. Love, love, love it!


This winter season is all about over the knee boots, so I did not calm down until I got one.. two actually. But since I managed to feed this material longing, I had a sudden hunger for jumper dresses that I can conveniently wear with these boots. I found it actually really difficult to find ones that I liked and had the length, colour I dreamt of.. but persistency paid off and I came across this camel jumper dress on Hollister’s webshop.  I could wear it aaaalll the time. It feels so amazing against the skin, so soft and sooo sooo comfortable. I love the big volume turtleneck with it and the camel colour is beautiful. This is probably not the colour that suits my skin tone the best but I don’t care. I love it and wear it anyways.


So now, as I mentioned earlier January really was all about trying new skincare and make up product. The list could be quite lengthy of all that I fell in love with but I thought about which is the one that I will definitely repurchase again – and that one has to be this concealer from Nars. I normally apply it under my eyes to cover those dark circles and sometimes if I have spot I put a small amount to cover it. I love that it offers great coverage, creamy and it doesn’t crease. It lights up the face, so I am really happy with it!

Hope you enjoyed this favourites edit and let me know in the comments if you know and used any of these products, I would like to know what is your feedback. And also, let me know how has your January been?

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