Santorini Getaway: Cotton Lace Beach Cover-Up

Looking back and editing the footage on the making of this beach cover up makes me miss our perfect vacation so much. Words can’t describe how beautiful this little island is and the feeling of waking up for that absolutely gorgeous, almost un-earthy view.. Or rather very much Earthy.. It really made me wonder and marvel at the unbelievable powers on our planet that came together and created these amazing formation of islands. The hills, the water, the volcano, the different colours of rocks and sand, all just make you very aware and grateful for all the things this planet has to offer.. It is all just truly magical.

I will hopefully share with you my experience in Santorini in another video, however in this oneĀ I show you a very easy and quick way to create your own beach cover-up using a beautiful cotton lace fabric. Whilst the cut is very simple, the fabric choice elevates it to a different level.

Thanks so much for reading!



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