Summer Vacay at Home

(Olvasd magyarul itt)

I fell in love completely with the beautiful and boho balconies on Instagram and Pinterest. I always looking forward to the air warming up and finally being able to fully enjoy our outdoor space but I was also inspired now to create a similar space for us. It is a great feeling to think of our balcony as an extension of our home and as if we entered another lovely and creative room to enjoy our morning coffee. Here are a few items that will instantly transform your balcony into a summer nook.



Rugs will instantly make the balcony feel more homely. I placed a cream patterned outdoor rug on the outdoor space as we step out to the balcony from our kitchen. When hunting for outdoor rugs make sure to get one that is out of polypropylene or bamboo Рthey will work well on rainy days as well.




There can’t be a balcony without any forms of greenery in there. I opted for some blue and purple flowers such as lavender and the rest of the space I kept it for herbs and other vegetables. I love growing our own tomato and chilli. For the herbs I created a decorative plant wall that is a huge trend this season. Head over to my youtube channel to watch the tutorial for that.



Some chairs, puffs or hammocks will make your balcony look like your outdoor living room. Seating is a real essential for creating your nook. So get some comfortable chairs to cosy up with a book on those sunny days.



For nighttime atmosphere add some candle lanterns to your outdoor space. It will serve you well on summer evenings but it is also a great decoration piece for daytime as well.






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