September Memo

Enjoying the first days of autumn in this beautiful floral piece. And here is what I loved in the September. I honestly, can’t believe we are officially in mid-autumn. 

Floral prints

I am super excited for fall fashion and to discover new vegan pieces. I seem to have a huge love for deep hues and floral patterns this season and completely adore this new addition to my wardrobe. The colour palette is in the most perfect autumn colours. And as we are lucky to have some beautiful warm autumn days, I could pair this with my vegan plump heels. For autumn (or even for winter), I can wear this with boots and with black blazer. If you are interested, I will sharing some of my new finds on my Youtube channel soon so stay tuned.

Flawless filter

On the beauty side of things, I have been obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s new complexion booster. It is most definitely one of the best beauty investments in my life. I have been looking for a replacement like this for a product that I used to use before my vegan time and this Flawless Filter proved to do the trick. I honestly feel like it blurs my pores and adds a radiant look. Charlotte Tilbury did not disappoint again – a great cruelty-free and vegan product.

Weigh or not to weigh

Prepping for our upcoming Hawaii holiday, I have been putting more effort into fitness recently. I have also started calorie counting (which I have never done in my life but seems that getting in shape does get more difficult with age) and got ourselves a scale. I don’t think I have measured myself since university so I was a bit sceptical about it. It does, however, helps me keep track of things and motivates me to keep going. My nerdy self especially enjoys the mobile app you can instal to use Eufy scale with. It breaks down the values to body fat, muscle, water etc and draws a graph of how you progress overall on each of these values over time. I absolutely adore this!

That Vegan Couple Podcast

Another thing I have been enjoying lately is That Vegan Couple’s Podcast. I have been following their Youtube channel from the beginning of my vegan switch – they are so informative and I respect them so much for how they speak up for the voiceless. It all started with listening to one of their podcast where they interview the owner of Happy Cow and I got completely addicted and kept completely binging through the episodes. They cover topics on difficult or typical situations that vegans need to face, there are a lot of informative interviews but the most I love how their personality shines through these podcast through their stories and examples. They are such great storytellers, I recommend it to everyone!








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