Summer to Autumn

So it is kind of official, heat wave is gone and we sort of went down to the mellow 20 degrees here – autumn is here. In this blog post I wanted to cover a few tips on how to leverage from your summer wardrobe throughout fall as well.

I have been trying to be more conscious about my shopping habits and whilst I must admit it is a challenge for me as I can be drawn to the beautiful dresses so easily, I do find that planning my wardrobe worked for me and the pieces I recently bought I also wore quite often. And just because we entered a new season, there is no reason why I cannot transition those items to my autumn wardrobe.

1. Layering

One of my mission for this autumn is to invest into some classic layering pieces. It is the best way to keep wearing your items and yet stay warm as the air chilled down a bit. You can overlay your summer dress with a jacket or sweater or underlay it with some leggings so that it can serve as a top. Consider adding a turtleneck under your off-the shoulder dress or your sleeveless jumpsuit. Long sleeved off the shoulder tops can look great under sleeveless trench dresses. You also can’t go wrong with separates, combining cosy sweaters with your skirts or shorts – it will instantly make your look very chic.

2. Accessorise

Whilst your summer dress looks cute with your sandals and bamboo bag, there is no reason you couldn’t wear the same with some ankle boots (or over the knee-boots) and faux-leather bag to make it more autumn appropriate. You can pull the look off with bare legs – it is not winter yet! Scarves are also a great way to accessorise the outfit for fall. You can wear them around the neck or use them as a poncho instead of a jacket.

3. Autumn Colour Palette

During summer there is generally more sunshine, flowers in vivid colours and so we tend to choose lighter colours to match the colour scheme of the season. Come autumn the weather and the days turn darker and so is our wardrobe. We are reaching for darker and deeper hues. It is worth to play a little bit around with colours and see if some accessories in autumn colours would turn your summer dress fall appropriate. And don’t just stop at your closet but play around with deeper hues in your make up too, it makes a huge difference.

4. Invest in Basic Pieces

Include some classic, basic items in your closet. I used to pay attention to unique pieces only and ended up with a completely not so interchangeable wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong – it is worth to have some statement pieces but you will find that you will get the most use out of the basic pieces. Think simple black blaser, white t-shirt, an ordinary usual cut sweater.  You can combine them in many different ways and they will help to transform and transition your more unique items into the next season.

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