The Little Brown Dress

Current trend favourite: shades of brown. I am certainly convinced with this little brown dress and its intricate details.


There was a time when all I had in my closet was party wear and hardly anything for the office – at least it felt so at the time. That says a lot about my priorities in my twenties. However, as time went by, my lifestyle has changed and so has my wardrobe.

However, when I saw this little brown dress online, I could not resist. It is one thing that shades of brown is the biggest trend of the season, but the intricate details in this dress stole my heart. I was not sure though wether it is going to fit and suit me at all. It is out of 100% cotton fabric so there is not much stretch to it and the fit has to be perfect. The combination of deep cleavage and mini length is, also, kind of out of my comfort zone. However, I feel the design – the puff sleeves, the draping – gives an edge to this dress and elevates it. The fit did not disappoint either – because of the mini length it is comfortable to walk in even though the fabric doesn’t stretch. I love this dress with bare legs but should I feel less brave, it can be easily toned down with a pair of black tights.

I tell you that – this dress will most definitely travel with me to Hawaii and will explore Ohai’s cocktail bars in this. Honestly, can’t wait!




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