Follow Me Around Santorini

I have been wanting to share this video with you for so long. It feels like ages we have been to Santorini and I would gladly go back any time. Actually, can we just go right now..? I think I need to book in my next vacation really soon. We visited the island early May … Continue Reading

Vivid for Vacation

  Three years ago, in January I arrived to Malta for the first time. However, it was not for holiday but for work with some of my colleagues yet we did manage to squeeze in a quick weekend road trip around the island of Gozo. I remember it being quite sunny despite the cold month of … Continue Reading

By The Celtic Sea. A Weekend in Cornwall.

While we’re all browsing through catalogues to find the perfect vacation in some other country, we easily forget that it may be closer to us than we think. At least I certainly tend to make this mistake. I have been living in the UK for one and a half years now and I hardly saw anything … Continue Reading

Balaton Photo Diary

After a few days in Budapest, I headed to Lake Balaton with the girls as a hen party was in order. Balatonfured is one of my favourites amongst all the little cities around the lake. We spent lots of summers here with family when I was a kid, and as such it always brings up … Continue Reading